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Couch Potato? I Think NOT!!

What’s a couch potato?


I’m not really sure but I’ve often heard my ‘rents (pawrents for those of you not up on dog lingo) refer to me as a couch potato.  I’m not sure what the reference to a potato is because quite frankly most potatoes I’ve seen just lie around doing nothing until it’s time to eat.


Oh.  I get the reference now.


That’s just plain mean.


I’m always up for a walk or to go hang outside with dad.


In fact, here are a couple of photos from one of our wood walks last week (along with my commentary of course!)


Here I am with Delilah. You probably can’t tell from her picture but she’s a wee bit wild.


We have a great wooded area for hiking. Lots of trails for the humans and lots of sniffing areas for us dogs.


There’s also a big field where the teenagers sometimes build bonfires. It’s pretty cool because sometimes they leave food. But mom doesn’t like us to eat it.


I don’t see how I could possibly be considered a couch potato!


Do your ‘rents try to categorize you?