Couch Potato? I Think NOT!!

What’s a couch potato?


I’m not really sure but I’ve often heard my ‘rents (pawrents for those of you not up on dog lingo) refer to me as a couch potato.  I’m not sure what the reference to a potato is because quite frankly most potatoes I’ve seen just lie around doing nothing until it’s time to eat.


Oh.  I get the reference now.


That’s just plain mean.


I’m always up for a walk or to go hang outside with dad.


In fact, here are a couple of photos from one of our wood walks last week (along with my commentary of course!)


Here I am with Delilah. You probably can’t tell from her picture but she’s a wee bit wild.


We have a great wooded area for hiking. Lots of trails for the humans and lots of sniffing areas for us dogs.


There’s also a big field where the teenagers sometimes build bonfires. It’s pretty cool because sometimes they leave food. But mom doesn’t like us to eat it.


I don’t see how I could possibly be considered a couch potato!


Do your ‘rents try to categorize you?




Colby says:

Stetson’s has three favorite things…the bed, the couch, and food. At night he sleeps in the bed. During the day he sleeps on the couch, and at meal time he woofs down his food. I’d have to classify him as a couch potato!

Sampson Stone says:

Hi Colby, it sounds to me like Stetson has the right idea, I like all of the things Stetson does!

Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Good luck with the new site Sampson. It looks great! :)

I did not see a place to subscribe to this blog, or is it only on FB and twitter?

Sampson Stone says:

Thanks for coming by, and wishing us well!

Mom added the subscription link at the top of the page, she said she wasn’t thinking that people might actually READ what I had to say.

Hiya Samson…welcome to Blogville :) My mom thinks I’m a happy, silly guy and I’m good with that…and I do not think yur a couch ‘tater…If yur not outside playing it’s only cause yur hoomins won’t open da door…Ju’ wait till yu get opposable thumbs!

Sampson Stone says:

Man Gizmo, you GET IT. How can it be MY fault. I wonder where I can get me some of those opposable thumbs? Thanks for stopping by!!

Basil says:

Hi Sampson, about time you had your own blog! Parents are weird, I wouldn’t worry about it too much, I think they put their own issues onto us!

Sampson Stone says:

Hi Basil, I know right? I’ve been trying to get Mom to type me up some stuff but she’s really hard to train. I think you’re right, they really do have issues, why can’t they act like us?

Leslie says:

Hey Sampson! Congratulations on the new blog! We’re looking forward to seeing what you have to show us.

Sampson Stone says:

Hi Leslie, thanks for commenting, as you can see my Mom is a bit slow in posting. She’s really hard to train.

Great to see your own blog Samson. A chance to bark back!

Sampson Stone says:

Right? I should bark back, I mean how long has she been barking at me?

Donna says:

Hey Sampson – I didn’t know you started a blog? Where the heck have I been? Good luck with it, and sorry your ‘rents called you a potato.

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