Wordless Wednesday


Cinnamon says:

Wow! You are pretty powerful. I like how he just lays there. Happy Wordless Wednesday!

Sampson Stone says:

She’s telling that Stuffie, if it moves….it’s all over. BOL

Coralee says:

Hmmm… I think that little stuffie should be very worried!

Sampson Stone says:

Yup, within 5 minutes she had a squeaker out. BOL


Sampson Stone says:


Staring contest!!!

Sampson Stone says:

The toy lost. BOL

I think the toy is about to meet it’s end…

Sampson Stone says:

Yup, it lost one of it’s 16 lives. BOL

Rachael Henzman says:

Aw cute doggie! I’m the newest follower of your blog from Blog Paws Worldless Wednesday! Would love if you could stop by mine! Thanks so very much

The Three Whiskateers

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