Who I am

Here I am.


Hey there.




I’m consider myself moderately good looking; in a Sean Connery kind of way.  My mom thinks I’m incredibly handsome.  Sometimes she calls me, Handsome Sampson but mostly she calls me Punkin.


By today’s standards I’d be what you consider a “Designer Dog.”  My human parents refer to me as a Golden Lab, as my biological mother was a Golden Retriever and my biological father was a Black Labrador Retriever.


Either way you slice it, I’m a Retriever.  Except I don’t like to retrieve.  Who knew?


I spent the first eight weeks of life with my mother, Casey in the house she shared with her owner Jennifer.  After eight weeks my human parents Jodi and Chet brought me to my new home.


In 2007 my ‘rents adopted a Crazy Chocolate Lab named Delilah which really through a hitch in our lives.  She really is crazy, but she’s grown on me.


I’ll try and post from time to time and share a bit about what our life is like now.

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