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Monday Mischief

So we have this great big beautiful field that we love to run and play in.


But it’s not just for dogs, we have to share with everyone, which is as it should be.


Mom says no-one is allowed there after dark, but some younger folks somehow get up there and they have campfires from trees and branches they’ve dragged from the woods.  It really makes my mom mad because there are other, wild animals that live up there and she feels like the kids are being disrespectful.


So last week….I left them a present.


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Couch Potato? I Think NOT!!

What’s a couch potato?


I’m not really sure but I’ve often heard my ‘rents (pawrents for those of you not up on dog lingo) refer to me as a couch potato.  I’m not sure what the reference to a potato is because quite frankly most potatoes I’ve seen just lie around doing nothing until it’s time to eat.


Oh.  I get the reference now.


That’s just plain mean.


I’m always up for a walk or to go hang outside with dad.


In fact, here are a couple of photos from one of our wood walks last week (along with my commentary of course!)


Here I am with Delilah. You probably can’t tell from her picture but she’s a wee bit wild.


We have a great wooded area for hiking. Lots of trails for the humans and lots of sniffing areas for us dogs.


There’s also a big field where the teenagers sometimes build bonfires. It’s pretty cool because sometimes they leave food. But mom doesn’t like us to eat it.


I don’t see how I could possibly be considered a couch potato!


Do your ‘rents try to categorize you?